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The Cal XENOPIXEL saber, as seen in the SW Light Warrior: Fallen Order, is a unique and highly sought-after weapon. The saber features a distinctive design, with an intricate, multi-faceted hilt that is both stylish and functional. The saber features a customizable XENOPIXEL blade, allowing the user to change colors to match their preferences or to match different environments. The saber is made of high-quality materials and is designed to be durable and long-lasting. It also features realistic sound effects and a glowing blade, making it a great addition to any SW collection. Whether you're a fan of the game or just looking for an impressive prop, the Cal XENOPIXEL saber is sure to impress. As a weapon wielded by Cal, a young Padawan who survived the execution of Order 66 and had to fight to survive, it carries a lot of significance in the SW universe and owning one will be a valuable addition to any collector.


This custom saber set includes the following features:

  • Diffused Poly Carbonate Blade, LED strip light up the entire blade
  • Blade Length Customization: Default 92CM (36”), 82CM (32”), 72CM (28”)
  • Support for Heavy Duelling: Yes
  • Gesture Control: Yes
  • Sound Fonts: 34 sets (Customizable) including "The Chosen", "New Horizon", "The Dark Sword", "The Assassin", "The Knight", "Wanderer", "The Protector", "The Dark Empress", "The Son", "The Third Hunter", "The Master", "The Dark Lord Order", "Magenta", "The Princess", "Double Agent", "Truly Lost", "Wraith", "The Senate", "Redeemed", "Bounty", "The Count", "Codex of Light", "Cyber Terror", "Dark Ages", "Hatred", "Idyll", "Serenity", "The Champion", "The Dark Lord Revisited", "The Learner", "The Second", "The Teacher", "Whispers of Power", "Moon Field"
  • Infinite Color Changing: Yes
  • Blade Lighting Effects: Steady, Pulse, Rainbow blade, Candy Blade, Unstable, Crack Blade, Fire blade
  • Blade Modes: Blaster blade, Ghost blade, Standard blade
  • Other Effects: Force, Lockup, Drag, Blaster Blocks, Flash on Clash, Sensitive smooth swing
  • Volume Adjustment: High, Low, Mute
  • Battery: Lithium-ion 3600mAH 18650 Battery

AN Replica saber From Us


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