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The Ultimate GI Double-Bladed saber is a custom saber designed for real-life duelling. It features a sleek and multi-faceted hilt with customizable blades powered by Xenopixel technology that allows the user to change colours.

It is made of high-quality materials and has realistic sound effects and glowing blades. The saber is steeped in the SW universe, being a symbol of the Empire's power, precision, and fear.

It includes a variety of features such as: Blade Length Customization (Default 92CM, 82CM, 72CM), Support for Heavy Duelling, Gesture Control, 34 Sound Fonts (Customizable), Infinite Color Changing, Blade Lighting Effects, Blade Modes, Other Effects (Force, Lockup, Drag, Blaster Blocks, etc.), Volume Adjustment, and a Lithium-ion 3600mAH 18650 Battery. ​

A must-have for SW fans, it's not just a collector's item but a tool to channel the force. Unleash the Dark Side of the Force with The Ultimate GI Double-Bladed Saber.

This custom saber set includes the following features:

  • Diffused PolyCarbonate Blade, LED strip light up the entire blade
  • Blade Length Customization: Default 92CM (36”), 82CM (32”), 72CM (28”)
  • Support for Heavy Duelling: Yes
  • Gesture Control: Yes
  • Sound Fonts: 34 Sets
  • Infinite Color Changing: Yes
  • Blade Lighting Effects: Steady, Pulse, Rainbow blade, Candy Blade, Unstable, Crack Blade, Fire blade
  • Blade Modes: Blaster blade, Ghost blade, Standard blade
  • Other Effects: Force, Lockup, Drag, Blaster Blocks, Flash on Clash, Sensitive smooth swing
  • Volume Adjustment: High, Low, Mute
  • Battery: Lithium-ion 3600mAH 18650 Battery

A Dark Warrior saber from us


High-quality design: Your Ultimate Duelling SW Replica saber, features a realistic and intricate design that accurately captures the essence of the iconic weapons from the SW franchise.


Advanced lighting technology: The Xenopixel technology provides bright and immersive lighting effects, making the replicas look even more realistic and enhancing the overall user experience.


Versatile use: These sabers can be used for duelling, cosplay, role-playing, or simply as a display piece, making them a must-have for any SW fan.


Collector's item: The Ultimate Duelling SW Replica sabers are limited edition, making them a valuable addition to any SW collection, and a unique and highly sought-after item for fans of the franchise.